Re: Solaris vs Linux on SPARC and x86/AMD

From: Alan Coopersmith (
Date: 05/13/04

Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 17:42:58 +0000 (UTC)

"Hunn E. Balsiche" <> writes in comp.unix.solaris:
|Is there differences between Solaris 9 and Linux 2.6 in term of :
|- performance w.r.t database, web, and other server related apps
|- compatibility with various hardware
|- cost
|- expandability
|- security
|- hardware vendor support, e.g disk storage
|- dependability - i've seen Solaris on SPARC running for years
| without rebooting
|- stability
|- recoverability when disaster happen
|- interopability with other OS

Yes, there are definitely differences.

|Is it safe to say that outside SPARC platform, Linux win for all the above?

Absolutely not. Linux will win in some areas or for some applications,
Solaris for others, and some will simply be a draw.

Even something as simple seeming as cost, it's hard to declare a winner
for all cases. From what you list as important, it sounds like you want
an enterprise server, in which case I believe Solaris x86 is cheaper
than several of the big enterprise Linux packages.

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