Re: SunSSH in Solaris 9 problems connecting to a Linksys router problem

From: Coy Hile (
Date: 01/10/05

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 15:33:35 -0500

Geoff Lane wrote:
> Coy Hile <> wrote:
>>I've seen the same sorts of issues (SUN ssh that ships with solaris 9
>>being broken). The issue we saw most often here is that whatever
>>windwos client machines were using coudln't connect to Sun's solaris 9
>>sshd. It appears that the particular version of the OpenSSH tree that
>>Sun used under solaris 9 was old and broken.
> Recently I was setting up a Sol9 cluster that is accessed by a number of
> Windows users. They had no problems at all using putty on windows to access
> the Sol9 systems (all using standard Sun sshd.) They even discovered and
> used X forwarding with Exceed without any problems.

Roger that. I think the problems we ran into were caused by the
combination of Sun sshd and whatever client was/is installed in the
university computing labs

Coy Hile