Re: Solaris equivelent of inotify?

From: Rick Ingham (
Date: 10/13/05

Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 17:07:15 -0700

William Ahern wrote:
> In comp.unix.programmer David Schwartz <> wrote:
>>"Rick Ingham" <> wrote in message
>>>I was reading about the dnotify and inotify functions in Linux. I could
>>>really use this capability for when files are opened/closed/modified by
>>>another process in a Solaris application of mine.
>>>Anyone know of a similar function/facility in Solaris?
>> I think FAM is what you want.
> That's just a wrapper, though. On Linux it uses dnotify, *BSD kqueue(2), and
> Solaris likely falls back to a stat(2) loop.
> So, in that case it might be easier just to use stat(2) yourself rather than
> install and wrestle with FAM.

FAM doesn't support open/close notification. Appears to be only i-node

What I need is to know when a file is opened and closed to synchronize
access between two processes. I need to know when a command line
background process gets a file open to proceed in the foreground
process, and when the background process has caught up and closes the
file. I'm doing this to coordinate with an external process I don't
have any control over.