Re: Troublleshoot SSH

From: Logan Shaw (
Date: 11/09/05

Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 20:51:44 GMT

Carl Hilton wrote:
> I have the SSHD daemon running, yet I can not telnet in on port 22
> using an SSH client (puTTY).

You mean you can't ssh in? An ssh client wouldn't be likely to be
speaking the telnet protocol, which goes on port 23 anyway.

> I get NOTHING when I try. How can I
> troubleshoot this problem?

Run "snoop not port 53" on the Solaris machine, then try, then
see if the packets get there and what happens if they do. If
you have a network snooping program on the Windows machine,
run that too so you can see if everything the Windows machine
sends makes it to the Solaris machine without getting dropped
by a firewall or something and vice versa.

   - Logan