Re: inetconv and swat

young.sul@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Okayyy...another thing cropped up.

Once I got the swat entry added, I noticed that, with inetadm, swat was
only in a maintenance state. Looking in /var/adm/messages I found this:

Jan 12 13:54:21 hansel inetd[247]: [ID 702911 daemon.error] Property
'proto' of instance svc:/network/swat/tcp:default is missing,
inconsistent or invalid
Jan 12 13:54:21 hansel inetd[247]: [ID 702911 daemon.error] Invalid
configuration for instance svc:/network/swat/tcp:default, placing in

I took nis out of the picture in the nsswitch.conf file.

I'm finding this whole service manager thing hard to grok...can anyone

I see rebooting fixed it for you, which is not surprising. The reason this would fix it is that your change to nsswitch.conf only gets picked up by new processes, which allowed your inetconv attempt to work. But since inetd was already running, when it was informed of the new service and tried to look it up, it failed because it was still attempting to use NIS.

The less drastic fix than rebooting would have been:

svcadm restart inetd