Re: issue in configuring OSI 9.0 and X.25 stack

Murs wrote:
We have put the X.25 card, Solstice X.25 stack and Solstice OSI stack
on two sun servers and connected them using cross cable.

osi_ping shows both NSAPs are alive, however communication using
connection oriented protocol(CONS) fails. We tested with example
programs tclient and tserver under /opt/SUNWconn/osinet/example/tli/bin
directory and got connection failure.

We are not very conversant with OSI stack configuration. Can you please
help us by providing some information on what may be going wrong.

Many thanks.

try connect with /opt/SUNWconn/bin/pad "address"
any error codes can be converted with
/opt/SUNWconn/bin/x25diags "error-code"
many years ago the speed was not ok (v8), until we
issue the speed setting twice, with a extra link script.
try tracing /opt/SUNWconn/bin/x25trace
there is a log file, but cant remember the name.

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