Re: SunPro for old Solaris releases

"Dave (from the UK)" <see-my-signature@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't need to build an old gcc for a modern Solaris. I'm trying
to find a compiler for Solaris 2.1 or 2.2.

I will not ask why !!

That is most wise :-)

Did cc not come free with early version of SunOS ? Or perhaps that is what you
mean here. Since you will have the gcc sources, you probably have a good chance
of fixing any compatability issues if there are any.

SunOS 4 still comes with a C-Compiler. You can use that to bootstrap
gcc. The usual step is to use the Sun cc to build gcc-2.7.something,
then use gcc-2.7 to build some more development tools and then
use gcc-2.7 to build gcc-2.95.something. Continue as needed.
I just need a first compiler for Solaris 2.1 or 2.2.


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