Re: Solaris 9 - Slow install

Martin Paul <map@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

The best would be to keep contents in memory as long as an instance
of pkgadd is running. This doesn't gain anything for adding one package,
but if pkgadd is fed the complete list of packages during OS installation
it would work.

There's no reason not to cache it in a daemon and write all transactions
to a log so they can be recovered if the daemon crashes.

It's just that the machine should not crash during pkgadd, as there
would be inconsistencies between contents and the actual installed
files. But as installing a file and adding it to contents isn't an
atomic operation as of now, pkgadd probably already has this problem.

There is always a risk of that of lack of atomicity during package
add, so that is nothing new.

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