Re: update SOLARIS10 09/05 to 01/06

Heinz Müller wrote:

our software produce recommend to update our servers (SUNfire 240)
from SOLARIS10 09/05 to 01/06.

So, what should we do:

Initial-Install or Update?

any tips?


I'd say that all depends on your use. I always just do a fresh install on my workstations since I can just mount my home directories. However, since you are running servers you should look into the uber-cool "Live Upgrade" feature which you may not be able to do now if your disks are not setup properly from the last install. If your disks are setup for this already, great, just do a "Live Upgrade" and simply reboot into Solaris 1/06! This is a seriously under-appreciated feature in Solaris.

Even for my workstations I'll likely get into the Live Upgrade habit once Solaris 10 u2 hits the servers in a few months (ZFS woohoo!).

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