Re: snoop question

James Carlson wrote:
"Stuart" <bigdakine@xxxxxxx> writes:
when runing snoop -V

what is the meaning of the ID= field?

Is that simply the packet number or is it something else?

It's the IP Identification field. See RFC 791.


THis is going to sound stupid. I'm suspicious that along one of my
data parthways, packets are getting lost, discarded whatever. THe same
server also sends the data along an alternate route over which there
are no problems. THat is, there are no gaps in the data which are
timestamped, so I know precisely when I am missing something.

I'm not sure where exactly the problem is; however, given that over one
route there is not a problem, tends to rule out the server and my
client itself as the source of the dat gaps.

When running snoop -V -tr, I noticed that the ID field which seems to
normally increment by one, sometimes skips a few numbers, and I was
wondering if that was indicative of a problem.