Re: Partly installed patches

Thomas Maier-Komor wrote:
Martin Paul wrote:
The patch system in Solaris has an inherent deficiency. If packages are
added to a Solaris installation after patches have been installed, files
in this new package may be left unpatched. There's no easy way to find
out whether a system is affected with any system command.

I'm attaching a script which identifies these issues. I'd be interested
in the results on other systems. If it comes up empty, everything is fine.
If it shows lines like "Package SUNWjfbw is missing 114555-31" then you
might want to re-install the named patch. Please report your findings
here or by e-mail. If needed, I'll add the functionality to detect those
partly installed patches to pca.

Here's the script:

Hi Martin,

on three Solaris 10/sparc machines I get:
Package SUNWpsvrr is missing 119788-02
Package SUNWpsvru is missing 119788-02

I just tried backing it out and reinstalling it. But I get:

Executing prebackout script...
This patch should not be removed.
It was used to install Sun Update connection.
If you still want to remove it, please remove:
prebackout script exited with return code 1.
Patchrm is exiting.

The infamous Update Connection doesn't really seem to like admins who do
work on their own. Any idea how to deal with this?


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