Solaris 10 & Boinc

Hi there,

Does anyone have any experience running Boinc on Solaris 10 ?

I have trawled through a meriad of forums and websites concerning the same problem but havnt yet been able to apply any of the solutions from people suffering similar problems to resolv my own.

Basically, lets say I sign up to the Seti@Home project. I can successfully create all my subdir's required and modify the profile files to read all the account details that are necessary, and indeed, it appears to successfully load up Boinc and join the project and check my machine for its computational ability and then it tries to download a work unit, which is where it gets stuck, and keeps trying to get another work unit over and over and always failing (ive left it for DAYS).

There only error message as such that I do get is that the platform is not supported. But I have changed the platform descriptor in the aforementioned files to read entries that are supposedly recognised by the Boinc servers and this has still not resolved the problem.

Alas I have since disassembled this machine and havnt attempted to rejoin the project from a Solaris box since, but does this ring a bell with anyone, and if so, do you have any advice?

Many thanks