solaris 10 clustering with java_es_05Q4


I have just installed a 2 node cluster with the latest version of
Solaris and Solaris clustering software. It works and is up okay
(hooray!) but I am struggling with the shared filesystems concept:

The documentation says:

"The following table shows examples of names for the raw-disk-device
argument. Note that naming conventions differ for each volume manager.

Solstice DiskSuite or Solaris Volume Manager
Raw disk device d1 within the nfs disk set

SPARC: VERITAS Volume Manager
Raw disk device vol01 within the oradg disk group

/dev/global/rdsk/d1s3 Raw disk device d1s3"

Sorry that's not pasted well but it refers to these
/dev/global/rdsk/d1s3 type devices of which I can see loads. But I have
no idea what they are or how they work!! How do you map them to the
shared storage or place them in vfstab? I am quite confused.

Can anyone offer any of their experiences setting up shared storage
devices in a 2 node Solaris 10 cluster?