Re: migration from Solaris 8 to 9 = g++ compile problems (threads)

On 2006-12-15, realpro <el_al_de@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I will have to try and create one... Harder then one might think since
we do not have a machine running Solaris 8 anymore...

Well, this would allow us to reproduce the problem, if possible.

As for the GCC, I believe it was downloaded from Sunfreeware (it was
the programmer before me that did that)

You will find the package name using following command:

pkgchk -l -p `which gcc`

-- however, it was the Solaris
8 version.
Maybe that is the problem?

In general, there is no problem in running Solaris 8 binaries under
Solaris 9. In case of GCC, however, you may run into following problem:

- When gcc was built and installed, fixincludes was run on
various header files below /usr/include generating modified
copies in
- Header files are subject to be changed during releases. It will
normally be kept upward compatible. However, things might got
reorganized. Now imagine that some fixincluded header files of
Solaris 8 are no longer in sync with the header file organization
of Solaris 9. (I have, however, not tested whether this indeed happens.)

For this reason the README file of the gcc-specific include directory
provides following explanation and warning:

Many of the files in this directory were automatically edited
from the standard system header files by the fixincludes process.
They are system-specific, and will not work on any other kind of
system. They are also not part of GCC. The reason we have to do
this is because GCC requires ANSI C headers and many vendors supply
ANSI-incompatible headers.

Is the Solaris 9 compile of GCC different?

The contents of the above mentioned include directory is most likely
different, even if its the otherwise identical gcc release.