Re: migration from Solaris 8 to 9 = g++ compile problems (threads)

realpro top posts:

I will have to try and create one... Harder then one might think since
we do not have a machine running Solaris 8 anymore...
(the original file is not "minimal" by any definition - it is over 1000
lines long. and the compile uses several other files to create the

1000. is that a typo ? I know at least one person who could probably
crank that much out in very short time.. anyway thats not what was
asked for
just a fragment where it breaks would do nicely..

As for the GCC, I believe it was downloaded from Sunfreeware (it was
the programmer before me that did that) -- however, it was the Solaris
8 version.
Maybe that is the problem? Is the Solaris 9 compile of GCC different?
Solaris 8 I Beta'd in 1999. "g++" has changed quite a lot since then.
So has the C compiler but not so much.
I suspect the c++ code is deprecated : <

That maybe the whole issue... (I'll try to download the new version
over the weekend,
and see if it works better.)

As another poster suggested you could try Studio 11 or an "old"
gcc version like 2.95.3 at sunfreeware - get the one for Solaris 8 or 7
and test the offending code with that.. Its a static build and easily