[ANN] VersyPDF Library Releases Its Version 2.2

VersyPDF Library Releases Its Version 2.2

New version of the library for creating PDF documents on the fly was

Our company released new version of the VersyPDF Library.
Versions for C/C++(Windows, Solaris, MacOS, AIX, HP-UX), Delphi, .NET,

Whats new:
[!]Appended AES ( Advanced encryption security )
[-] Fixed some little bugs

VersyPDF is a set of the high-quality, industry-strength PDF libraries
different progremming languages meeting the requirements of the most
demanding and diverse applications. Using VersyPDF libraries you can
stand-alone, cross-platform and reliable commercial applications that
read, write, and edit PDF documents.
-Reading/writing a PDF document from/to memory buffer or a file on a
-Creating new text, vector art and images.
-Quick image embedding for TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.
-Supporting Type1 and TrueType font embedding for accurate text
-Supporting Unicode text and standard PDF encodings.
-Dynamic font subsetting that results in reducing file size.
-Full control over text positioning and character spacing.
-Supporting all PDF color spaces and advanced pre-press options.
-Full control over content positioning and all graphical attributes
available in PDF.
-Reuse of resources such as images, fonts and color spaces through
sharing resulting in obtaining smaller and more efficient documents.
-Supporting explicit and named destinations. Named destinations allow
changes in the document not invalidating existing bookmarks.
-Extensive bookmark creation and API editing.
-Working with threads.
-Applying security to new documents.
-Linearization (Fast Web View).
-Compression of the output PDF documents.
-Inserting or appending new content in existing pages.
-Rotating pages.
-JBIG2, CCITT Fax, Flate/PNG, JPEG/DCT compression.
-Supporting for Standard PDF security handler (40, 128 bit RC4 and 128
-Unused object removal. This option helps you to create smaller files.
-Filling in PDF Forms.
-Reading PDF form fields values.
-Creating new form fields.
-Spliting pages.
-Merging and appending pages.
-Supporting Digital Signature.
-Supporting many actions.
-Supporting many annotations.
-Parsing EMF images.

The VersyPDF Libraries do not require any third-party software for
or modifying PDF files.

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