Re: vi ? :))

"TheKingOfSeljuk" <sultanofseljuk@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Hello All,
I am studying solaris 10. I saw an internal editor as named "vi" in
Solaris. I read some study notes about vi.

:) Is there anyone uses vi on the world?

Yes. Hundreds, if not thousands of people.

There are really stupid commands to edit for a few words in a file.

That's a very debatable aphorism :-)

Is there any useful normal text editors in Solaris which can be used
in black screen? (Simliar to in DOS).

Yes, there are dozens of editors which can run on Solaris. You can
certainly use any editor you prefer, instead of "vi". There are editors
which run on console-only mode, or inside a terminal emulator. There
are full-blown, GUI editors, with fancy syntax highlighting and
elaborate user interfaces, plug-ins and what not.

...or, in real world, which way do people edit files in Solaris?

You'd be surprised, but many prefer vi :-)