Re: Is Solaris 10 a good home os?

Thommy M. wrote:

Miroslav Zubcic wrote:

Ehm, apropos Solaris Express and OpenSolaris: what in case someone likes
to patch system with so critical security patches, annoying bugs ...?
I'm using Solaris 10 11/6 because it has regular patches. I do not like
idea of reinstalling whole OS every couple of weeks. :-\

Ah, wonderful! If exploit for ssh, sendmail or nfsd or ... comes in a
wild, I just need to buy 1-2 disks, create mirror of root on them,
download new Solaris Express and perform upgrade of the entire OS and
reboot in new root. What an elegant, cost and time effective solution.

Not suited for workstations.

BTW, I cannot see wider even production (server) use of this tehnology.
It spends extra disk or partition (x2 if soft RAID is involved), it
doesn't support patching of zones ...

In case of upgrading some very critical Solaris server, I would prefer
to migrate his services, IP adresses and data to another server as quick
as possible for shorter downtime, and then patch and play with free
server out of production slow and in peace, without fear of data loss,
boot troubles etc ...

It will be good thing if development versions of Solaris has patches.
Consider Red Hat/Fedora case: Fedora is esentially development version
od RHEL, but it still has software updates, so one can use it as desktop
without risking much.

We'll have to wait and see what Murdock will do about this...


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