Re: maybe OT (apologies if it is) - Anyone here running Seti@Home under SPARC Solaris 10?

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Have you found a Seti@Home client _binary_ that installs without days
of fiddling with settings and add-on libraries? I admit, I'm not a
computer geek or programmer and compiling my own is a bit beyond my
current skills. I've just figured out pkgadd. Maybe in 6 months or so,
but heck, I've only had a SPARC box for a month.

I've given up on Seti@Home on Solaris. I've no doubt that it is possible
but it's just not worth my time. I regularly get emails asking me to rejoin
so I have another look, but the situation doesn't improve. It's quite
strange how bad the support is for systems that are not Windows or Linux.
It's especially curious how bad Solaris support is concidering the amount of
Sun money and hardware that Seti@Home uses.

Ditto and a big +1.

Ian Collins.