Re: NTP on Solaris 10

Gary Mills wrote:
In <1194794861.918269.59310@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> m_radstake@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

I configured a machine (running Solaris 10) as NTP client as follows:

I created a file /etc/inet/ntp.conf
the file contains:
server <ip-address of NTP server>

I enables NTP:
svcadm enable network/ntp

The time is synchronized with the NTP-server.

That's how it should work. Type `ntpq -p' on that machine to see how
it's doing. You can also put more than one server name in the
ntp.conf file.

However, when I modify the time/date with 'date' the time is never
resynchronized again automatically (unless I reboot the machine of

Why did you do that? NTP expects that only it changes the time.
You could disable and enable it again, but why do that?

I guess some people want to see ntpd correct the time!