Re: Sun Microsystems Survey

lynbain@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sun Microsystems is gathering feedback from its customers on how it
communicates about technical, sales, and other issues. We are
particularly interested in responses from people who contact Sun via
telephone for sales and support.

The first 200 completed* surveys from participants in the US will be
eligible to receive a $10 gift certificate via Hallmark Insights,
which allows you to choose a gift card from one of over 300 different
merchants in the US. Sorry, payments cannot be issued to people
outside the US.

Sorry, feedback can not be issued from people outside the US.

Responses must be received by Sunday, December 16, 2007.

*Note: a survey is considered "complete" if all required questions are
answered and a full name and complete email address are provided. The
email address is required as the gift certificate will be sent to the
email address provided.

If you would like to complete this survey, please visit:

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