Re: Installing mysql on Solaris 10

On Oct 22, 5:47 pm, Dave Uhring <daveuhr...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 00:07:47 -0700, mamu wrote:
I have been trying to install Mysql on Solaris 10 .....

Don't you like the MySQL which is already installed in /usr/sfw?

Hi Dave,
I wanted a specific version of mysql to be installed hence all this
ruckus .

Thanks Gokhan for your input . Indeed it showed me the following :
which means that I need to install SUNW_1.9.1 . => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ (SUNW_1.9.1) => (version not found) => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/ => /lib/64/

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