Re: latest patch makes RAID unseen

Mr. Chow Wing Siu wrote:
Mr. Chow Wing Siu <wschow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
HP ProLiant G580 G5. P400i Controller card.
I barely install a new OS and do smpatch again. I have the same problem.
Here below are the latest patches. Which patches caused my problem?

I finally find out which patch caused my problem:
139882-01 SunOS 5.10_x86: uhci patch

I installed all patches except this one. There's no problem
until I apply this patch.

Anyone please help.

Remove the patch!!!!!

Sometimes patches cause more serious problems than the one they were intended to correct. In that case, you back out the patch and complain to Sun. If you have a service contract Sun will try to help. If not, you are on your own!