Re: Install Solaris PXE via tftp server on Windows

On Dec 12, 6:59 pm, ITguy <southa...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have many XP laptops and 1 rackable server. It does not have an
optical drive and there is one usb port which is sort of deep and I
need it for my keyboard in any case, so I cannot boot from USB. I
installed Ubuntu using instructions at
and that was very very simple and went very well. I now wanted to
install Solaris also on the same server and expected the procedure to
be more or less similar, until all my searches ended up in vain.

Can someone please help me? I know my server supports PXE, because
that was how I installed Ubuntu. If someone can tell me if it is
possible to install Solaris via tftp running on Windows and provide me
some basic steps of how to do it (detailed steps would also be most
helpful and welcome), I would be most grateful.


Solaris refers to a network install as "Jumpstart".  The Solaris DVD
media includes a couple of scripts to create a Jumpstart server, but
those are intended to run on an existing Solaris box.  You might try
installing a Solaris virtual machine using VirtualBox on WinXP, then
use that for the Jumpstart server for the network install.

Yes - I came across many references to Jumpstart and I went through
the details. That was my last choice if I cannot boot from another
install host like windows.