How can I see long file names on Windows CD under Solaris ?

I've got a windows CD which has long file names. If I stick it in the CD drive of my Blade 2000, so it mounts automatically, but only with 8.3 filenames visible.

With a SunPCi hard fitting in the Sun, it sees the full names correctly.

I've created some ISO file systems, using:

mkisofs -J -joliet-long -R -o mycd.iso some_directory

(NB, these options are:
-joliet-long Allow Joliet file names to be 103 Unicode characters
-J, -joliet Generate Joliet directory information
-R, -rock Generate Rock Ridge directory information
-o FILE, -output FILE Set output file name

If I then mount that with lofiadm, or write it to a CD, only short (8.3) files names are seen in Solaris. If I stick the CD in a Windows PC, so the full length file names are seen.

Any idea how I can view this (and change file names) under Solaris?