Future direction of Solaris?


Have there been any changes to the future direction of Solaris since the
Oracle acquisition? We all remember the Sun annoucement saying OpenSolaris was
going to be the next release of Solaris. Is this still the direction or has
anything changed?

I have a Solaris 10 x86/64 box and I just about had it working the way I
wanted when the announcement came out. If the plan is still for Solaris =
OpenSolaris in the future then I guess I will install a new OS on the
machine and forget about Solaris.

Just my two cents, I chose Solaris because it was the only free (as in $$$)
commercial OS available and I was hoping for a reliable and high performing
platform as the company claimed. I actually wouldn't mind paying for a good
OS but there don't even seem to be any available to buy. I'm using it for a
file server and light development platform. It was a welcome change to get
away from gcc.

I suspect when you start letting your paid developers die off and let the
open source community have a major role, morale and thus quality are heading
downwards quickly. I looked at the last few OpenSolaris releases and I was
not impressed. I really want Solaris and not OpenSolaris so if Solaris is
going away that's it for me.

I am not down on open source projects generally (I'm not talking about
so-called "Free Software" which I *am* down on) but there is a huge
difference between something that started out open source (like OpenBSD) and
something which *goes* open source. I don't think the future is very bright
for Solaris if this is how its going to be.

Hoping some of you long-time Solaris folks will give your thoughts and any
insider knowledge. I am not using floogle so if this was discussed I didn't
see it before at least not on my news server.


Stan Cimino