Re: krtld: error during initial load/link phase


Try adding "-G" to the command-line arguments.  It shouldn't try to boot
your zones.  This might be enough to get the global zone up and running,
and from there you can try to figure out how to repair the zones.

I've just try and for several patches is ok but for other... no. A
tipical example:

patchrm -G -R /a 140964-02
Validating patches...

Loading patches installed on the system...


Checking patches that you specified for removal.


Approved patches will be removed in this order:


Checking installed patches...

Executing prebackout script...
Backing out patch 140964-02...

Pkgadd failed. See /var/tmp/140964-02.log.12325 for details

Patchrm is terminating.
WARNING: patchrm returned <7>
# cat /var/tmp/140964-02.log.12325
pkgadd: ERROR: The -G option (install packages in the global zone
may not be used with package <SUNWzoner> because the package must be
installed in all zones.
pkgadd: ERROR: package <SUNWzoner> cannot be installed on this system/


patchrm -G -R /a 123406-02
Validating patches...

Loading patches installed on the system...


Checking patches that you specified for removal.


The following requested patches will not be removed because
some installed patches require them.

0 Patch 123406-02 is required by patch 140964-02, which is
installed on the system.

No patches to remove.

Several *hundred*, in that list.  Do you not remember what patches you
installed?  Did you install individual patches, or a patch cluster?

We use last pca script


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