Re: importing a 8 disk pool crashes Solaris 10

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jzambon <john.zambon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
He might be abrasive, but he brings up some good points. This thread
is a good example of mature features needed in ZFS.

Which features? The OP is running into a bug. An *acknowledged* bug,
one that's been fixed in the new Solaris but not backported to older

great bug there "shit, your data is gone, sorry".

He's *not* saying "it's ridiculous that this flaw doesn't have a patch
already", a statement I'd agree with.

He *might* be trying to say "if you were using vxfs you wouldn't have run
into this problem", a statement that isn't helpful but also is probably
factually true.

But what he's actually saying, in this thread and others, is "ZFS sucks
and anyone who uses it is an idiot". A statement that is both unhelpful

Outside some limited uses, it really does suck, and you better have some
good backups before you rely on it.

and not notable for its cogency. He doesn't post as someone who dislikes
the features of ZFS and has a preferred replacement, he posts as someone
who actively hates a storage software and is profoundly threatened by it.

I just hate stuff that plain out doesn't work, and the sheep that keep
bleeting about how great something is when it isn't.

If you really want to step things up, you can share for us the latest bug
in storage foundation that ends up in "whoops, all your data is gone,
maybe you need to reinstall your OS".

In case you forgot already, we're talking unix here, not some windows box.