Re: Solasi 11 licence

TN <tonynewstetson@xxxxxxxx> writes:
I have difficult to understand sol 11 11/11 licence politicaly.
Please help me ok?

The problem is,:
is it that ~1000 per Every year, for production use


If you continue to use Solaris 11 in production, the license terms are

Production use of Oracle Solaris requires a support contract.

Ie. each machine running the software must be on contract, which is
$1000/socket/year (cheaper for a 5 socket system, but those aren't too
common in the x86 world)

If the machine isn't production, and is instead

"the purpose of developing, testing, prototyping and demonstrating
your applications, and not for any other purpose."

You can be on the OTN license for free, but with no support patches.