deploy puppet at OS install time

I'm looking at methods of deploying puppet, to our new-to-us Solaris 11 machines, at OS install time.

For Solaris 10, it would be easy. Just do some stuff in a finish script.
However, for Solaris 11, of course it's all fancy and complicated.
Only method I've read about so far, is the long-ol complicated;
Define a run-once "service"
write an SMF xml manifest for it
Point it at a script
Get the script into the OS image.... SomeHow???

Has anyone found out an easier method?
That method is so baroque, I may as well just tell the other site admins,
"go through the normal install, then reboot and run /net/servername/"
Much easier than wading through the sysadmin-hostile service xml.

[Note to Oracle-ites.. it would be different if you provided a TOOL for adding hooks for run-once scripts, and bundling the script into installs somehow.
But you dont.
So... :( ]